The Mount Falcon Estate lies between Foxford and Ballina, in County Mayo. It comprises the Mount Falcon Country House Hotel, Fisheries, and a small number of luxury self catering lodges, located in lakeside, courtyard and woodland settings around the 100 acre Estate.

Mount Falcon Properties was established to find funding for the development of these self catering lodges. The Estate commissioned a promotional DVD video production and booklet for the launch of Mount Falcon Properties for the purpose of enticing potential buyers to the project. 

The design was commissioned while the development was still under construction, presenting the challenge of visual representations of the properties without a finished product. Consequently, the marketing material utilised a combination of artist impressions, site photos, plans and reconstructions to create a sense of the final properties. 3D renderings were created from architectural plans and elevations to great effect, providing visuals of both the interior and exterior of the properties.
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