Myddfai is a village in north east Carmarthenshire in Wales. It was here that the first of the physicians practiced. His name was Rhiwallon and his descendants are said to have continued his work in an unbroken hereditary line until the eighteenth century.

Martello Media designed a small museum called the Physicians of Myddai which used very traditional display techniques to compare and contrast the native Welsh tradition of herbal medicines with the great plant medicine traditions of the world such as the Mediterranean, Africa, China and the Americas, encouraging multiple voices and representations of the central topic.

The exhibition space included a series of thirteen wallboards that traced the plant history of various significant countries around the world. Each board was made up of landscape and plant photographs with supporting text, and a display case in the center with sample plant cuttings. The wallboards measure 3’ x 8’.

Overhead there was a circular plant history time line measuring approximately 60’ x 3’.

Included in the exhibition was an interactive book touchscreen containing pen and ink illustrations, original ancient manuscripts, along with legends and stories tracing the histories of the Physicians of Myddfai. They tell the story of The Lady of the Lake (See link).
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