"I always found Cormac's creative and design work first class and this contributed hugely towards the success of our business via his excellent presentational collateral. The design work that Cormac carried out for us in Dublin was used as a benchmark of good collateral design throughout our other Live Nation markets in Europe.

Mike Adamson

CEO, Live Nation Ireland

"I made a specific request for Cormac because I knew his design style and background in music would suit my requirements. His ability and awareness in both these areas enabled him to interpret the various briefs accurately and with flair. His ideas were innovative, stylish and always effective, despite budgetary constraints.

Cormac is a progressive thinker and an exceptionally talented designer with a meticulous attention to detail.

Virginia Fortune
Manager, Private Members Clubs at 3Arena

"His impressive body of work influenced my initial decision to first work with Cormac, but it has been our collaborative success together that has solidified my commitment to working with him. With every new endeavor we embark on he impresses. His artful direction and playful experimentation has elicited timeless designs for all of my projects."

Ryan Furlong
Film Director & Executive Producer, Fenian Films

"Cormac is a highly creative and skilled designer who is dedicated to the project and works with clients until they are both satisfied with the results and surprised and pleased at the quality and ingenuity of them. He has the ability to incorporate all the requirements of the project into the final product and bring new and unexpected dimensions to it. He is a risk taker and a superb technician and these qualities result in designs that are surprising, eye catching and innovative. He is also extremely versatile so his range of creative options are unusually broad as he can work in a diversity of media with a high degree of technical ability and inventiveness."

Eric Fraad
Senior Consultant, The Giant Company Limited

"Cormac delivered a entirely new design for Greater Hamilton Musician magazine, which really helped it make the desired positive impact in our market. [His] industry experience and diverse set of skills guided our qualitative decision-making, making him a key player in having us deliver a first-rate product."

Glen Brown
Chief Editor & Publisher, Greater Hamilton Musician

"We found Cormac to be intelligent, inquisitive and proactive. He is exceptionally creative and possesses the capacity to contribute positively while working as part of a team... He led concept and design on high profile and prestigious projects, with specific reference to the VIP Club at Dublin's key concert and event venue the Point Depot... Additionally he was requested as lead creative on the Naming Right programme for the Daniel Liebeskind designed Grand Canal Theatre at Grand Canal Square in the Dublin Docklands."

Tom Hopkins
Owner & Director, One Productions

"I worked with Cormac for 5 years in One Productions. Cormac is a hugely creative, willing and unique designer... He has a wide and varied experience of all types of design. Our clients always got the best from Cormac and were always happy with the result."

Dominique Ellickson
Owner & Director, Ellickson Creative Solutions

"Cormac is an outstandingly talented professional creative artist, photographer, and graphic designer. He is equally as skilled at traditional and digital techniques. He is a perfectionist with a meticulous attention to detail."

Mark Leslie
Creative Director, Martello Media

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