Neighbourhoods Rising is a web series that delves into the tight knit communities of Hamilton, Canada’s infamous steel town. Told from the perspective of eccentric, remarkable and compassionate citizens, a story unfolds of a mighty industrial city that fell from grace and is again on the rise.
The website acts as a portal to the documentary series, and includes a written historical and cultural overview of each featured neighbourhood, plus a corresponding gallery with pop-up street maps, an extensive selection of historic and contemporary street photography, and portraits of the interviewees. There is also a section dedicated to social media including a blog, with Instagram and Twitter feeds, all helping to further expand coverage of the city's economic and cultural progress.

The aim of the website design was to capture the old worldly, gritty, working class feel of Hamilton, alongside the progressive, modernist Art Deco feel of the nineteen twenties and thirties. This is the period during which Hamilton (and North America in general) was at its height, both culturally and economically.

The inspiration for the design ‘look and feel’ came from Hamilton's train station. The building dates from 1932 and is the only example of an Art Deco railway station in Canada. The railway network was the lifeblood of Hamilton, and every neighbourhood in the downtown core is connected with a railway line. The logos are based on the economic and cultural nature of their specific neighbourhoods.
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