Rexall is one of the oldest and most established pharmacy franchises in Canada.​​​​​​​

The introduction of a Health & Wellness category into Rexall stores, spearheaded by TC Media. This new category covers healthy products made with natural ingredients, specifically vitamins, digestive aids, pain relief, cough and cold medicines, homeopathic remedies, skin care products and snacks. The new H&W components must complement the existing brand and sit comfortably within the other store areas.

The reexamining of the existing brand, and fine tuning of a new H&W tri-leaf device and colour palette for the purpose of colour coded wayfinding; introduction of “Health. For Life” statement; refining of existing section logos such as "Daily Living" and "Inspired Beauty".

All areas of the store space are studied, including shelves (headers, edge strips and 3D cubes with section titles, information blades and messaging); lower and upper level interiors (cash wall, pharmacy pick up and waiting areas); exterior and interior entrance areas; exterior windows.

A number of the design elements created in these exercises have been implemented across Rexall's stores, such as the tri-leaf, shelf headers, blades and 4-ways.

Health & Wellness Tri-leaf Device

Tri-leaf Statement Logo

Shelf Headers & Blades

Digestive Shelf Blades

Shelf Headers & Blades

Vitamins Shelf Blades

Skin Care End Shelves

Skin Care 3D Shelf Cubes

Healthy Drinks & Snacks Area

Healthy Snacks 4-Way Blade & Topper

Rexall Store Outer Entrance

Rexall Store Inner Entrance

Rexall Store Cash Wall

Rexall Store Pharmacy Pick-Up Area

Rexall Store Side Wall

Rexall Store Pharmacy Help Desk Overhead

Inspired Beauty Section Logo

Rexall Store Inspired Beauty Area Overhead

Rexall Store Daily Living Area Overhead

Rexall Store Exterior Windows

Rexall Store Exterior Windows

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