No Romance is a Dublin-based record label established to release a series of punk, post-punk and alternative 10" EPs. 

The overall design is reflective of the look and feel of the punk culture that existed in Ireland and the UK in the late seventies and early eighties. The mascot is based on an old Dublin character from the eighties, commonly referred to as 'Mad Maggie'. She could be seen on the streets of Dublin carrying a crucifix and a Roches Stores bag. The wordmark is based on the Roches Stores logo. The name itself is taken from an alternative clothing shop that existed in Dublin around the same time.

The fold-out poster sleeve format is based on those commonly used by the Good Vibrations label in Belfast and Crass Records in the UK. The idea for the template-based design is inspired by a similar approach taken by Crass Records, and Strange Fruit Records who released the John Peel Sessions for the BBC.

Rubella Ballet
Rich With Our Money 10"
No Romance

The Lost Demos 10"
No Romance

Andy T.
Nostalgia Kills Creativity 10"
No Romance

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