Rexall is one of the oldest and most established pharmacy franchises in Canada.​​​​​​​


Introduction of the recently purchased into Rexall stores, spearheaded by TC Media. The brand must retain its own identity within the Rexall store while working in harmony with the Rexall brand.

Examine the change of Rexall lime green to green to facilitate a natural merging of the two brands.

Examine slight increase of Rexall yellow in-store and in conjunction with

The reexamining of the existing Rexall brand and fine tuning of a new duo-leaf device and colour palette for the purpose of colour coded wayfinding; introduction of “Making Healthy Choices Easy” statement.

Specific areas of the store space are studied, including shelves (headers); lower level interiors (cash wall, pharmacy pick up and waiting areas); healthy drinks and snacks area. Duo-leaf Device

Rexall / Logo Cleaning Shelf Header Logo Cleaning Shelf Header Vitamins Shelf Header Vitamins Shelf Blade

Cash Wall, Pharmacy Pick-Up & Waitng Area Healthy Snacks 4-Way Blade & Topper

Upper Level Wayfinding

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