The brief for Hamilton's Fringe Festival was simple—create a design reflecting the broadness of ideas that comprise the basis of what "Fringe Theatre" traditionally stands for. 

Over the years Hamilton's Fringe design had become corporate in its approach. They wanted something that would take a new direction more representative of Fringe culture. It was decided to create an old hand drawn style more in keeping with the original Edinburgh Fringe Festival posters of the nineteen forties.

The themes behind the pen and ink illustration are taken from theatre history and classic literature. The style draws deliberate comparisons with Aubrey Beardsley and Harry Clarke and such works as Salome and Faust.

Stories and themes included within the character are: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Treasure Island; Alice in Wonderland; Faust; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead; Hamlet; Waiting for Godot; Mimesis; Féerie; Existentialist; Burlesque; Puppetry; Ballet; Vaudeville. The clouds are borrowed from Victorian theatre.
The puppet strings act as a device throughout the design, suspending the main character, clouds with copy and main titles. They also help with the issue of dividing information and charts of uneven content length. 

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