The Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame was a multimedia exhibition at HQ in Dublin which recognised the best of Irish musical talent of all types over the decades.

The exhibition space, housed in the basement, was an immersive audio environment made up of wallboards, display cases, video walls, audio tour and interactive touchscreens. Objects and exhibits were placed in 23 successive, chronologically themed zones. Looped soundtracks were delivered into each zone via directional infra–red emitters. The tracks could be picked up by headsets worn by visitors depending on their direction of view. Thus any single space could contain multiple sound-tracks, whilst any group facing the same video screen, or exhibit, would always enjoy a shared experience. Visitors could roam at will knowing that they would always hear the appropriate music and narrative, whatever they were looking at, without having to carry an audio guide or twiddle with track selection knobs.

Positioned in the ground floor entrance lobby of HQ was the information guide to the exhibition, a building plan, and event guide for the music venue on the first floor. The guide consisted of two screens—the main touchscreen and a slave to display content. The function and content of these screens was designed to be more playful than just an information display. One could also access CCTV cameras from the venue and stage areas, plus some of the video displays in the exhibition.
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