The Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin, came about through a collaboration between Live Nation and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) as a means to providing a mid-sized venue for the production of ballet, opera, drama and musicals. They wanted an iconic building to be a landmark in the new docklands development and appointed world renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. Construction began in 2007 and its Naming Right Programme went into effect in 2008.

Prototypes of the programme package consisted of: (a) a walnut invitation in a presentation box; (b) a walnut and metal covered booklet with CD ROM.

As the only vendors capable of providing this level of customisation were situated in the UK and Holland, this process proved too costly and inconvenient, logistically. The solution resulted in an invitation made up of a mock-up newspaper article in a walnut frame placed in a box. The article was written from the perspective of the invitee having purchased the naming right. The booklet was replaced with a custom made CD digipak.

The project was spearheaded by TEN Ltd, representative of Live Nation.

Naming Right Programme
Sponsorship Invitation Prototype

Walnut inset with engraved metal and printed red perspex strip.The front metal piece is engraved with the invitee’s logo, the perspex printed with the GCT logo. The back of the invitation is a full piece of metal engraved with the invitation details.

Naming Right Programme
Sponsorship Presentation Cover Prototype

Walnut with inset metal and red perspex strip. The front features a recess with clear perspex to be inserted over card printed with the invitee’s logo, holding it in place. The inside back cover has a recess for a CD ROM. The booklet pages are attached using a modified form of case binding.

Naming Right Programme
Sponsorship Presentation Prototype

Naming Right Programme
Sponsorship Invitation
Naming Right Programme
Sponsorship Presentation

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